I began developing a new method for wing-making last night using new materials. Pictures are to follow sometime in the near future.

I've been to the Cockrell Butterfly Museum in Houston several times recently and will be going again today to see the corpse flower. It's probably all thanks to seeing so many butterflies up close, but I've really been drawn to organic and natural designs lately.

I'm going to spend time replicating some of the things that I've seen in different ways before creating more fantasy wings. I have several different ideas on how to achieve some interesting effects, and my mixed media is becoming more and more blenderized in my head as I plot these things through.

This, of course, is unfortunately going to have to take a backseat to preparations for TRF, for which I have a lot to do:
  • 2 pairs of bloomers
  • 2 chemises
  • hoopskirt
  • stylized French hood
  • corset
  • rebuilding my dress's sleeves
  • additional beading
  • adding trim stripes to the skirt and bodice
All of that in two months, before dress rehearsal on October 2nd, plus two wings commissions that I want to finish ASAP before I begin on my own costume, plus new shirts for Neil whenever I am done with that. I would like to be able to sell a few pairs of wings during the cast-sale on August 21-22, but I just don't know if I can or should dedicate the time to them when I've so much else to do. Bah. Priorities. They keep me from the interesting, fun parts.


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