This is a story that has been percolating in my head for something like five years. It is a bit of a cheat posting it now because I wrote it about a month and a half ago, but that's okay...

It is unedited as of yet, and I'm pondering how I might change it. It's written in rather simplistic terms right now, but part of me feels that it's better that way rather than turning it into very purple prose.

This is from a different series that I have been talking about, and meaning to write, for many, many years. It was conceived of (as I'm sure some of you will feel utterly unsurprised by) while I was quite drunk and trying to console a dear friend in her dorm room. We used to work magic together, she and I, in the most innocent and wonderful of ways. Every time, it was like a gift.

The underlying idea of the series is to show the marriage of each of the Elements to each other, and the essential nature of those marriages, through creation stories. I'm still chasing the other stories at the moment, and I wonder if perhaps the best way to catch them would be to again work some magic, drink a lot of rum, and achieve momentary zen.


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