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Name:Becky Courington
Birthdate:Aug 21
Location:Houston, Texas, United States of America
About me as an artist:

I make both clothing and costumes. I lean toward producing costumes more often, simply because they're more fun.
natsuki & batanen

I also make... stuff. Jewelry, props, accessories, wings... just about anything whimsy and available power tools can conceive. (I have a serious love for power tools.)
Harmonie Wings 005

I act. Primarily, I'm an improvisational performer at the Texas Renaissance Festival, but I take other gigs as they come my way.

Photo Credit: Cybertoad

While I can't claim any particular skill in the trade, I like to photograph things.

I on occasion have been known to sing. Again something I can claim no particular skill in, but I have won a karaoke contest or two. Even one that had prizes!
Me + my prize

My education is in writing, and I'm one of the leagues of people hoping to someday produce the great American novel. Or, at the very least, get published in a venue that will actually pay me.

About me as a person:

I used to live in Tokushima, Japan, where I divided my time between teaching English and befriending the local wildlife.

But I moved back to America, because I have an amazing husband whom I'm nuts about.

Also, I love monkeys.

And yes, I do change my hair color as often as these photos would suggest.

My Dreamwidth account is used strictly for updates about art and spirituality. Mindless drivel about my day-to-day life is restricted to my livejournal account, if you are, for some bizarre reason, interested in that.

Interests (148):

alan moore, anime, archery, art, artistry, austin, beethoven, beetle scouts, books, bram stoker’s dracula, brian froud, c.s. lewis, cats, cattlekin, cave faeries, chupacabras, comic books, cosplay, costumes, costuming, crafting, crafts, creation, creativity, death note, divinity, dreams, earth, elves, emily mazurinsky, empathy, energy, fables, fae, faeries, fairy tales, fate, fiction, freedom, gaston leroux, geisha, geoffery chaucer, girl genius, glamourbombs, gothic novels, growing things, heathens, hellsing, honesty, i wish for peace, imagination, innocence, insanity, j.r.r. tolkien, japan, japanese, jekyll and hyde, jesus christ superstar, jewelry, john donne, john keats, jägermonsters, kurt vonnegut, life, light, love, magic, making things, mary shelley, michael ende, mischief, modeling, mozart, music, mythology, myths, neil gaiman, nes, nobility, opera, originality, otherkin, paganism, pagans, past lives, peace, peter s. beagle, phantom of the opera, photography, plants, poesy, poetry, props, purity, random acts of kindness, reading, really bad horror movies, record of lodoss war, renaissance festivals, rent, repo! the genetic opera, revolutionary girl utena, rewriting creation, rpgs, satire, senseless beauty, sewing, sir philip sidney, slaughterhouse five, snes, sonnets, spiderman, spirits, sunshine, susan kay, t.s. eliot, terry brooks, the flute, the jet programme, the last unicorn, the middle ages, the moon, the neverending story, the ocean, the preraphaelites, tiger lilies, toadies, tori amos, trf, trust, truth, unconditional love, v for vendetta, vampire pumpkins, vampire watermelons, victor hugo, vikings, w.b. yeats, water, wildness, william shakespeare, william wordsworth, wings, writing, x-men, zen, zombie dogs, zydrate
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